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Welcome to the X2Engine Wiki, where advanced topics related to configuration, maintenance, customization and development of X2Engine are covered in-depth. For software usage documentation, see The X2Engine User Reference Guide.

The information presented in this wiki is intended for administrators, power users, IT personnel, developers, etc., but also as supplemental material to the basic user reference guide.

For questions related to any topics not covered by this wiki or the user guide, please visit the forums.

Getting Started

Support Topics

Development Topics

Using This Wiki

For information on using the wiki software, consult the User's Guide and the MediaWiki FAQ MediaWiki release mailing list

Special Extensions in use

See their respective documentation for more information on their use;

  • Cite: For creating footnotes
  • ConfirmAccount: Restricts page edit/create permissions to moderator-approved accounts
  • Gadgets: Includes custom Javascript/CSS in pages
  • Lingo: Glossary; automatically provides tooltips for keywords defined on the Terminology page.
  • Nuke: Provides the ability to delete accounts and also bulk-delete all pages by them
  • ParserFunctions
  • Renameuser: Provides the ability to rename a user
  • SyntaxHighlight GeSHi: Code syntax highlighting

Brief Introductory Usage Notes